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DJ Sbu’s Master List to Achieving Your Goals in 2019




DJ Sbu’s Master List to Achieving Your Goals in 2019
It is no longer news that star disc jockey and “Beautiful” crooner is one entrepreneur who is keen to make successful entrepreneurs of others and even turn them to millionaires. At every turn, he advises the youths and anyone who would listen on how to make it.

The year is still young, but already , who hinted in September last year of his need of a wife, has taken out time to advice entrepreneur and potential entrepreneurs on how to navigate the year’s journey. He took to Twitter and advised in the following words:

“1. Write down all goals you want to accomplish in 2019.

2. Go to your voice recorder. Record your goals in your voice saying “I am” “I have” present tense language.

3. Listen to your list at least an hour every night falling asleep into it instead of tv/radio. All the best for 2019”

DJ Sbu, who recently launched a record label with Mzekezeke, is not just there giving advice. He is himself living the advice he is giving others, and the results are apparent in his own life, as he now mingles with some world millionaires, including Robert Kiyosaki.

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